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Mission and Vision

Fighting cancer is our mission, by supporting translational preclinical research, at the service of health.

In drug discovery animal testing is a fundamental step, but often a complex and time-consuming process, for evaluating the efficacy of a drug intended for clinical trials. toClinics knows its meaning and complexity, and was created precisely to guarantee the most effective experimentation for every customer need.

Our vision is based on three key concepts: interactive support, smart design and excellence for precision medicine.

toClinics fa parte dell’ hub HAMU che favorisce percorsi di crescita imprenditoriale innovativa, al miglioramento, alla modernizzazione della rete infrastrutturale del territorio e allo sviluppo del capitale umano.


toClinics wants to meet the needs of researchers – public and private – to carry out animal pharmacological research in hemato-oncology, offering technical-scientific consultancy and services all along the experimentation process: from the protocol for the authorization by the Ministry of Health, to the experimental design, choice and supply of suitable disease models, pharmacokinetic studies, execution, analysis, interpretation and reporting of the experiment.


Prof. Maria Paola Martelli is a haematologist, with deep knowledge of haematological diseases, engaged daily with the management of patients at a clinical level, but at the same time with decades of experience in preclinical pharmacological research. Thanks to her knowledge of biological mechanisms, of drugs usage, dosages, routes of administration, with their advantages and disadvantages, and a vision projected at the clinic she is the referent for preclinical studies on acute myeloid leukemia in vivo with various external collaborations ongoing.

Researchers Ilaria Gionfriddo and Francesca Milano, PhD, are perfectly familiar with all the processes of manipulation, genetic characterization, use of patient samples and management of studies in preclinical research.
Both attended national and international training courses, obtaining the diplomas that allow access and handling of animals.


  • Molecular Discovery
  • Molecular Horizon
  • TESPharma
  • IRCCS Istituto Romagnolo per lo Studio dei Tumori "Dino Amadori"
  • Università di Parma, Università di Ancona

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Preclinical translational research made easy.

We are a service of pharmacological preclinical testing for precision medicine, a shared management with the customers and a unique disease models portfolio.