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Drug efficacy studies

Anti-cancer therapeutic drugs, small molecules and CAR-T, either as single agents or in combination can be tested for efficacy in tumor reduction.


We conduct preclinical, toxicology studies to evaluate the safety of new drug candidates. Our test comply with international regulatory requirements.

Our toxicology services include:

  • Dose-range-finding studies
  • Subchronic and chronic toxicology studies
  • Acute/single dose
  • Subacute (7, 14 or 28 days)
  • Subchronic (13 weeks)
  • Chronic

PK studies

Pharmacokinetic analysis include:

  • Quantitative determinations in biological tissues
  • Drug administration by any route (iv, ip, sc, po, it, im)
  • Sample collection at specified time points from blood/plasma/serum and any other tissues
  • Blood and tissue PK analysis for biotherapeutics if correspondent antibodies are available

Xenografts generation

We can generate xenografts models from cell lines provided by our customers for preclinical testing.


We can perform biopsies and necropsies with histopathological preparations and evaluation in microscopy.

In Vivo Imaging System (IVIS)

With the IVIS technology we can analyze the kinetics of tumor growth and the response to drugs in a non-invasive way, in accordance with the three R rule.
We can reanalyze the same live animal at different time points, instead of sacrificing a statistically significant number of animals at each time point, thus reducing the number of animals used.


Sample collections for NGS studies

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